Friday, May 28, 2010

Entertaining for Diversity

LBCC held the annual diversity awareness event on May 26 in the campus quad. Groups from several cultural and interests backgrounds displayed information and helped educate those in attendance about diversity on campus and in life.

Special guests performers from the Woodburn High School Mariachi Band captivated spectators with their upbeat music.
Band members from the Woodburn High School Mariachi Band entertained attendees of the Diversity Awareness events at LBCC.

Emily Hinderer from the WoodburnHigh School Mariachi Band sings as band members accompany her with band members Richard Prewitt on flute and Pablo Guzman on trumpet are seen in the background.

Guitar player Feliz Bautsita of the Woodburn High School Mariachi Band play a traditional Mexican song at the LBCC Diversity Awareness event.

I have always enjoyed a diverse selection of music but there is just something that hits me with joy as I listen to the guitars and brass instruments being played in a mariachi band.

A special thank you goes out to the Woodburn High School Mariachi Band for driving about 50 miles to the LBCC Albany campus from Woodburn Oregon just to play at the event. They where a big hit.


Friday, May 21, 2010

Dancing in the Dark

Last week you got a sneak peak of the Rainbow Dance Theatre production in the Russell Tripp Theatre at Linn Benton Community College.
If you made it to the performance then you will remember these moments. Those that did not attend missed out but they can see the dancers at future performances.

Just a side note; I too have performed on stage in plays, dance, improv and music. that said, I have a great appreciation for the time and energy that these talented people dedicate in perfecting their skills. Now as I promised last week, here are just a few pictures of the dancers in action.

Darryl Thomas and Carl Massey perform a spin and lift during a West African wedding dance at the Linn Benton Community Colleges' Russell Tripp Theatre on May 11.

Sam Hobbs and Jessica Evans leap in unison while performing final dance titled "One Village One Voice."

Darryl Thomas jumps high above the stage during a West African wedding dance.

Sam Cunningham dances during the "One Village One Voice" dance at the Russell Tripp Theatre at LBCC on May 11.

Upcoming performances for 2010 areas follows:
June 10-12               Cornish College of the Arts, Seattle, WA
June 13-26               People's Republic of China
June 27                    World Beat Festival, Salem, OR*
Aug 28-Sept 19        Danza Contemporanea, Mexico City, D. F.       

Too find out more about the Rainbow Dance Theatre visit the web site at

Until next week,

Monday, May 17, 2010

Local News

Dancers from the Rainbow Dance Theatre in Monmouth Oregon graced the Russell Tripp Theatre stage at Linn Benton Community College on Tuesday May 11th with dance styles ranges from Hip Hop to African tribal dances.

Rainbow Dance Theatre members Jessica Evans, Sam Hobbs, Carl Massey and Kailee McMurran go vogue for a mock runway dance routine at the Russell Tripp Theatre at LBCC on May 11.

The show played to a full audience at the theatre and members of the audience where invited to the stage to participate in a well known dance from the 80's, the Electric Slide.

Carl Massey of the Rainbow Dance Theatre strikes a pose for the camera while performing a tap dance number at the Russell Tripp Theatre on May 11. Carl and his family will be featured on an upcoming episode of Fox Reality summer hit So You Think You Can Dance which premiers it's seventh season on May 27th.

The performance was wonderful and a great opportunity for all in attendance to learn about the dances of other cultures and a little history on the songs and movements that accompany them.

To learn more about the Rainbow Dance Theatre, it's members or to find out about upcoming shows in your area, check out their web site at

Stay tuned next week for more exciting photo's from this show.


Monday, May 10, 2010

Albany Oregon, My Neighborhood

Growing up in the chicken capital of the United States was fun but I still can't get the smell of fresh chicken poop from my memory. All of my friends that read this will understand exactly what I'm talking about.

My childhood home was just across the street from the Southern Pacific Railroad line that feed the Nu-Laid foods chicken feed grain plant. That same rail line once ran all the way to downtown Sacramento and you could catch the train at the now historic Rio Linda Train Depot.

Rio Linda is also the home of the oldest community Little League parade that has travel down "M" Street and under the Historic Archway. The Rio Linda Arch was a gift from the city of Marysville and is a symbol of Rio Linda as is the Water Tower and the Train Depot. These are cherished memories of my childhood and youth.

Now my family has new road to forge and more history to find as we have settled in Albany Oregon. Albany has many historic sites to discover and many parks to enjoy. Albany is located just off Interstate 5 and has much of that small town flare with just a touch of the city.

Located on Pacific Blvd., the Albany Train Station is one stop that Amtrak serves on its way to Seattle Washington and beyond. This photo was taken during the peaceful hours at night.

Passengers wait patiently to catch an outbound bus at the Albany Station.
Amtrak Northbound train arrives at the Albany Station to waiting passengers.

Albany is also home to the Brass Ring which is home to the Carousel Museum and it is also where artist and historians are building Albany's newest attraction, a new carousel. Each piece of the carousel is made by hand by artist,wood carvers and painters and each animal is a one of a kind artwork that are commissioned by the local community members.

Rich Lucero of Scio works on one of the many animals that will make up the Albany carousel. Rich graduated from Sacramento State University in 1967 and moved to Oregon from Oroville, California in November of 2008. Rich has been working at the Brass Ring for two years and he is an accomplished Pastel and Watercolor artist.

Albany has several variety of community parks to choose from where families can relax and have a picnic or let the kids play on the jungle gyms and swings. I have found more parks in Albany that in any other small city that I have visited. There are five parks just within a mile of my house. Rivers and creeks run through many of the parks and bird and water foul are in abundance.

A family and friends enjoy a day out and race their remote control speed boat in the pond at Grand Prairie Park.

So if your coming for a visit or just passing through, dont' be shy, just stop on by and visit Albany Oregon.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Spread Your Wings And Fly

Oregon State University’s Flying Club hosted an open house at the Corvallis Municipal Airport on May 1. The club welcomed guests with static displays of aircraft, airplane rides, free soda and hamburgers.

Guests of the Oregon State Flying Club open house enjoy hamburgers cooked and served by club board member Ron Anderson during the club's open house on May 1 at the Corvallis Airport.

Once a WWII training base, Corvallis Airport is now the home base for the Oregon State Flying Club and the airport is also home to Reach Medical Transport, fire-fighting company Helicopter Transport Services (HTC) and Frontier Flight School which is a Japanese flight school.

Avalon Brown and Andrew Brown learn about the Robinson R-22 Helicopter from OSU/LBCC student Justin Shannon during the Oregon State Flying Club open house on May 1 at the Corvallis Airport.

The Corvallis Aero Service offers flight instruction for airplanes and helicopters plus they offer introductory flights at reasonable rates so you can experience the thrill of flying and decide if that is a sport or career for you. Oregon State Flying Club is open to Students of OSU and LBCC at a discounted rate.

Instructors are hopeful that a flight training program will be started at Linn Benton Community College that will offer students a chance to learn to fly while gaining credit hours.

Carlos Candelaria and daughter Bianca Candelaria prepare for an airplane ride with Flight Instructor Nick Hodson during the Oregon State Flying Club open house on May 1 at the Corvallis Airport.

To join the Oregon State Flying Club you will need to schedule a meeting with board members Skye Root at 801-380-1789 or Ron Anderson at 541-754-1062 to go over how the club works and the club rules. Details and information can be found at:

During the Oregon State Flying Club open house on May 1, Avalon Brown and Chris Brown look at the Sikorsky CH-54 fire-fighting helicopter owned and operated by Helicopter Transport Services based at the Corvallis Airport.

The REACH Air Medical Services Agusta A109 taxis out to the runway prior to take off during the Oregon State Flying Club open house on May 1. REACH Air Medical Services are stationed at Corvallis Airport in order to best serve the Willamette Valley and the Central Oregon Coast.