Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Three Things That I Learned in Feature Writing

What are the three things? Writing is a process that takes creativity, patience and a willingness to get out of your comfort zone and investigate your story ideas. I love to write about things that interest me whether it be about a good movie or a problem that effected me or the community.

Finding a good place to set down and write is very important. You have to get rid of distractions and be comfortable. Schedule some time for yourself in your daily routine and let others know that your not available. If you have children, this doesn't always work out but keep trying.

Research is essential for a great article. The more research that is done, the more information you have to use. Wikipedia might be a good place for story ideas but the information you find is not always correct.
Double check your sources and make sure the facts are just that, facts.

Never forget that what you write whether it be in print or online, people will read it. The internet is world wide and you never know where your stories will end up.

At a Glance

There are several sources you can turn to for help in making your good story great. Attend a class at a community college and visit the college writing center. Writing centers like the one at LBCC are full of people that love to share their knowledge.

Another good source is magazines on writing like the Writer's Digest.

If you are interested in writing screenplays, fiction or news, remember to protect your work. Register your script's with a writers guild.

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