Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Clearwire is not "Clear"

Clearwire announces that "Clear is the first network to provide a true seamless Internet experience wherever you go. We’re committed to giving you a fast, reliable Internet experience with customer service that puts you first"

Is this really what you'll get form Clear or is this just an empty promise?

If you live outside of the 4G range the only equipment that will work is a 4G/3G mobile Wi-Fi unit. The only way it could be sent to me was if I used my work address which is in a 4G area.

I talked to a  representative at a the Lancaster mall in Salem, Ore., and got some information about the service plans and costs.  Once I was satisfied with the information I received I did some research on the service they provide which led me to believe that this service would be what I was looking for.

I pulled up the Clear website and followed the prompts to call the sales department to order. After placing my order I was then told that if I was not satisfied I could return the Wi-Fi unit within seven days and only have to pay for restocking.

This is the most absurd thing I have ever heard!

I read in Clearwire's agreement that I could return the unit and cancel within 14 days if not satisfied without paying a restocking fee or any penalties.

I’m sure that all the customers will agree with me when I say that Clear has then worst web site of any service provider. The site is set up for sales and is not user friendly to account holders.

I followed the directions to find my account information just as spelled out in the FAQ and from the online help but to no avail. It wasn’t until I clicked on support instead of choosing the drop down menu did I find the option for accounts. Even then I had to select it once more before I could see my information.

Is this really good for customer service?

I found that many of Clearwire's customers are not happy with their service. "Clearwire (aka Clear) Poor Service & Treats Long-Time Customers Poorly," said Scott, a long time customer from Nevada.

The Better Business Bureau gives Clearwire an A+ rating even after having 1537 complaint filed against business.

I discovered that a class action law suit has been filed against Clear for data throttling. I also found that Clearwire's 3G service is provided by Sprint.

Buyer beware! Clearwire is not clear.

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