Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Where on Campus

Surrounded by green grass fields, it's red color stands out from the background.

The silver roof line blends well with the white rail fence.

The smell of wood and dirt are prominent as you walk through the door way.

The musty smell of wet sweating animals is common and surprisingly inviting.

As you walk away from this somewhat secluded place, the aroma lingers in you nostrils for hours.


  1. The description of the area is very good. It had me smelling the scent of the horses, and made me feel as if I was back home again with my horses. It is a good description that really makes you wonder what the place is.

  2. Tony,
    Can I get copies of the photos you took during my Improv show? I need them for my faculty portfolio that's due this Friday.

    Dan Stone :-D